BHS concrete batching plant

The concrete mixing stations consist of mixing system, aggregate supply system, powder storage system, measuring system, control system and external supporting equipment.
Mixing system
The mixing system is divided into strong mixing and self-falling stirring.The powerful mixer is the mainstream in the domestic and international mixing stations, it can stir the liquid, the semi-dry and hard and hard and other concrete.The self-falling mixer mainly stirs the liquid concrete, which is seldom used in the stirring stations.The powerful mixer is divided into the main shaft planetary mixer, single sleeper shaft mixer and two-sleeper shaft mixer.And the comprehensive use performance of the two-bedroom shaft mixer is the best.
Aggregate supply system
The aggregate supply system consists of three parts: aggregate storage, aggregate weighing and aggregate delivery.
Aggregate transport: the mixing stations carry two ways of conveyance and belt conveyance.The advantage of hopper promotion is that the area is small and the structure is simple.The advantage of belt transport is that the transport is large, efficient and low.The belt conveyor mainly applies to the mixing stations that have aggregate storage, thereby increasing the productivity of the mixing stations.
Powder feed: the powder used in concrete is mainly cement, fly ash and mineral powder.The widely used powder conveyance is conveyor with spiral conveyor, and the large mixing building has pneumatic conveyor and scraper conveyor.The advantages of screw transport are simple structure, low cost and reliable use.
Liquid transport: mainly water and liquid admixtures, which are delivered separately by water pumps.
Metering system
The metering system is the key component that affects the quality of concrete and the production cost of concrete, which is divided into three parts: the weighing of aggregate, the weighing of the powder and the quantity of the liquid.In general, under 20 cubic meters per hour using superposition weighing way station, the aggregate (sand, stone) using a pair of scales, cement and fly ash with a pair of scales, water and liquid admixtures weighing respectively, then the liquid admixtures into water said premixed within a bucket.In the above 50 cubic meters, more than 50 cubic meters per hour, the various methods of weighing independent weighing materials are used, and all weighing is controlled by electronic scales and microcomputers.The aggregate accuracy of aggregate is less than 2%, and the accuracy of cement, powder, water and admixtures is less than 1%.
Control system
The control system of the mixing station is the central nerve of the whole equipment.According to different user requirements and the size of the mixing station control system and have different

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